Patrick Burke to Launch ‘You Can Play’ Project

1 Mar

I'd let him burke me...Outsports reports that Patrick Burke, son of Leafs GM Brian Burke and brother of deceased hockey manager Brendan Burke is set to launch a new project on Sunday.

He is calling it the most aggressive program for LGBT rights program in sports that has ever been launched. The project aims to raise awareness and will kick off during the Bruins vs Rangers game on NBC this Sunday. HBO has filmed the first round of PSAs which will run during the commercials, and outreach programs will follow in the fall.

This guy has a great understanding of LGBT issues, and is going to do a lot to help young athletes feel comfortable in the locker room.

“We’re picking up where Brendan left off,” Patrick said on an ESPN podcast, “everyone deserves to play.” The Burkes are an awesome family. You can listen to the podcast here.

He also shed some light on the Rick Nash debacle with Brian Burke: Burke was actually filming the PSA with some other Blue Jackets, not meeting Rick Nash before the deadline as was reported. They couldn’t say anything because the project was still a secret.


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