Where to Watch the Solar Storm in Toronto

8 Mar

Yo Bromos, the sun has unleashed a giant can of magnetic whoop-ass and it is reaching Earth tonight. Risks of disrupted power, communications and GPS aside, we may be getting a rare chance of a spectacular Northern Lights show in Southern Ontario. It looks like skies around the Toronto area are going to start clearing around 8pm, just in time to catch some amazing nature.

Unfortunately, barring another widespread black out, the light pollution from this great city is going to keep urban bromos from enjoying the show. The answer: Head North!

Well, maybe not all the way to Calgary.


Barrie: Quickly becoming one of Ontario’s pavement wastelands, the outskirts of Barrie will nonetheless offer a better view. There is still light pollution, but nowhere near the amount in the GTA. Accessible by GO Train, any average Torontonian can trek up. The weather will be the same as Toronto’s.

Aurora: The freakishly appropriate name makes it an ideal place to take in the Borealis. The weather is predicting less precipitation, so chances are you’ll stay drier and warmer. The GO Bus gets you there.

Collingwood: This could be the best place to catch the event, but also one of the most difficult to reach. The sky is clearing earlier than the rest of our piece of Ontario, and the view over Georgian Bay will likely be breathtaking. Prepare for a drive though, it can take 2-3 hours to reach the village by car, and expect more if you are heading out during rush hour.

Backroads North: If you have access to a car, this may be your best option. Grab a picnic dinner and get lost on the circuitous backroads that criss-cross the farmland north of the city. For the adventurers, pick random roads (GPS recommended but it might not work!) that will take you further out of the city and find a spot with a clear view of the sky. This may also be a good time for some personal time with that special bromo of yours under one of nature’s greatest shows.

However you’ll be enjoying the show tonight, be sure to take it all in. Opportunities in the south don’t come around all too often!


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