I Won’t Be Your Gay Friend If…

9 Mar

Jeryy Mahoney has penned a list of things not to do for people who aren’t your friend. As non-heterosexuals we have a stake in all of the anti-gay actions and rhetoric that is being flung around, and it is time to stop taking it and forgiving people for their ‘opinions.’

As Mahoney puts it: “It’s not polite and it’s not subtle, but … sometimes the only way to get through to these people is to be a complete douchebag.”

Included in the list are:

  • You don’t think I should be able to adopt children because I might be “attracted” to them.
  • You use your religion both as a basis to attack me and as a shield to defend yourself from my rebuttal.
  • You would treat your gay child with anything less than complete acceptance, unconditional love and a raging desire to kick the ass of anyone who made life hard for them.

This blogger is inclined to agree whole heartedly. There is no half way on these issues. My peers and I will be treated like the human beings we are, and I will stand for nothing less. Sometimes it is hard to tell things like this to people you love especially, but do it for yourself, and do it for the thousands who can’t fend for themselves.

Read the whole list here.


One Response to “I Won’t Be Your Gay Friend If…”

  1. Jerry Mahoney March 10, 2012 at 11:38 am #

    Thanks for the pingback!

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