Marvel Lets Hunky Heroes Show Some Love

14 Mar

While it’s true that homosexuality has existed in comic books for decades, only recently have mainstream publishers allowed their gay characters to truly be themselves. Gay superheroes have come along way since the 1960’s & 70’s when, because of the Comics Code Authority, homosexuality could only be expressed in subtext subtle enough to sneak past the censors.

A few months ago, Archie Comics made headlines by pencilling the wedding of their first gay character, Lieutenant Kevin Keller, to his man. Now it seems that Marvel comics is stepping up to the plate, and while Young Avengers Teddy & Billy (Hulkling and Wiccan, originated as sidekicks of the Hulk and Thor, respectively) aren’t heading straight to the altar just yet, they are finally getting to share a long-awaited and well-deserved kiss!

How Bromantic!

We salute you, Marvel Comics, for your dramatic (end extremely hunky) contribution to the march of progress for Bromos and Gaynerds everywhere! Who will be the next mainstream publisher to come up with an LGBT next-gen superhero? We’re looking at you DC, it’s about time you draw a Robin who comes out of the Bat-closet!


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