The Best Show You’re Not Watching Nets GLAAD Nom

15 Mar

Bear ModeThe best ‘happy endings’ are no longer just available from a trained masseur! If you haven’t checked out ABC’s amazing new comedy series, Happy Endings, then it’s about time you decided to treat yourself. Don’t just take our word for it; GLAAD has nominated the show, now in its second season, for the Outstanding Comedy Series Award!

While Happy Endings was originally panned by the critics for being just another Friends-esque relationship sitcom, the show quickly set itself apart from the crowd. This success is  largely due to the quick wit and rapid pace of the script, but it would be a mistake to undervalue the originality of the characters. The friends in this show are hardly typical of TV; the ladies are definitely more bro-like, the guys are a bit more in-touch with their insecurities, and self-deprecation is the name of the game.

Underwear Max

Good Ol' Tighty-Whiteys

Perhaps the best part of Happy Endings is Max, the gang’s hilarious and outrageous bear buddy, and perhaps the most uniquely crafted gay character on television. Max (pictured above in his seasonal hibernatory ‘bear-mode) is a prime example of a bromo. He is very much the ‘average guy’ type, complete with beer-belly, body hair, and an incredibly (often unrealistically) casual attitude. What really sets Max apart from most other representations of gay guys on television is that his sexuality is clearly just one facet of a much more distinct character. That’s not to say that Max is repressed, he is just very natural and comfortable about his homosexuality. While shows like Will & Grace played an important role in establishing a LGBT presence in mainstream television, it’s refreshing to see an innovative and relatable gay character on the tube.

Happy Endings airs on ABC and CityTV Wednesday night at 9:30pm Eastern. Enjoy!

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