Bromo Movie Night: Immortals

18 Mar

So it’s the day after St. Paddy’s day, which for most of us means a hangover and a lazy day. I suppose for the many lucky ones, it’s also a day of fapping over what you can remember of last night’s rowdy sexual escapade. In either case, you’re probably feeling pretty tired, so why not relax and unwind with a good movie?

As luck would have it, Universal Pictures released Immortals on Blu-ray earlier this month, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to my bromos everywhere. The film is loosely based on the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, and is brought to life like a painting by director Tarsem Singh. Literally. The artistic vision for the film was to tell the story as though it were a series of elaborate tapestries. While some of the grandeur of the film might be lost in translation to the smaller screen (and for most of us, into 2D), there is still plenty to enjoy about it.

For starters, of course, the visual effects are beyond comparison and even seem to be crafted by a loving artist. Bromos will also appreciate that it’s jam-packed with non-stop

Pound me with your hammer, bro!

action and perhaps most importantly, a TON of extra-manly eyecandy. Seriously, with all the drooling and all the gasping, you’re gonna have to be careful not to choke. The movie stars hunky Brit and future Superman Henry Cavill, along with such notable hotties as Luke Evans, Cory Sevier and my personal favorite Kellan Lutz *drool*. Did I mention they are all scantily clad for the entire movie, but because of ancient greek sensibilities and fashion it doesn’t seem out-of-place or awkward (and is thus sexier)? Well there ya have it.

This definitely wasn’t an Oscar-worthy picture, but it’s definitely worth adding to a bromo’s collection!

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