Possible X-Men Gay Wedding? Simply Marvel-ous!

20 Mar


Last week, we had a look at the thrilling young romance blooming in the Marvel Comics universe. It seems that Marvel is really on fire (flaming? flame on!) with the development of homo-relationships, as increasing speculation suggests this summer’s anticipated X-Men wedding will be between two guys! Hear that dudes? Stan Lee and co. think we are O-K bunch!

According to the good ol’ internet comic book rumour-mill, The Amazing X-Men #51 will feature the wedding of out-superhero Northstar to his partner, Kyle. Northstar is a French-Canadian superhero who first appeared in April, 1979 whose most notable abilities are flight and superspeed. Also, Northstar is known for being a world champion skier, a novelist, and a bit of a queen. Kyle, on the other hand, is more of a ‘normal-guy’ to give Northstar with a much-needed sense of grounding.

While these mutant marriages don’t have the greatest track-record for success (or survival), we wish only the best for Northstar and Kyle. Who knows? Maybe Kyle’s non-mutant status will in some way protect the happy couple from the melodramatic doom that typically befalls X-Men pairings! Only time will tell!

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