Round 3…FIGHT!

14 May

Alright hockey bros, so the playoffs are in full swing and if there’s one thing to be said for them so far it’s “HOLY FUCKING SHIT HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!?!”

At the halfway mark, there are 4 teams left: the last place team in the West; the bankrupt team who can’t sell tickets; a team with – who’s got to be now – the oldest player in the league; and the first place team in the East.

A quick check of the standings will show that three out of four of these teams found themselves in 6th place or worst at the end of the season. Except for Phoenix but that doesn’t really count since they were only third because they finished at the top of their crappy division.

See? Obviously the Pacific Division is the shittiest of them all.

In the Western Conference Finals, we’ve got the Los Angeles Kings & the Phoenix Coyotes. The last place team and the poor team. Two teams who, quite honestly, nobody thought would get through the first round, let alone the second. LA knocked off both the 1st & 2nd seed teams in the West in 9 games. Not bad for being the last seed. Phoenix knocked out the powerhouse Blackhawks & well-balanced Predators in 10 games.Clearly New York is going to win, right? The 2nd place team facing all these low seeds? Well, it’s anyone’s guess. So far, these playoffs have been ruled by the underdogs.

In the Eastern Conference Finals, we’ll be seeing the New Jersey Devils face-off against the New York Rangers. The rivalry between these two resulted in a line brawl late in the season this year so we should be in for one hard-fought, competitive series.

I think the most valuable player for every team that’s still surviving right now is their goalie. The Kings’ Jonathan Quick, on top of being nominated for Vezina Trophy for best goaltender in the 2011-2012 season, has done everything short of standing on his head to get his team to where they are. Mike Smith of the Phoenix Coyotes has been solid between the pipes with a .948 save percentage & 1.77 goals against average. The Devils are sticking with Marty Brodeur, who’s 40 years old. Enough said about that. And Henrik Lundqvist, apart from being the hottest bro in the NHL, has been the heart and soul of the New York Rangers this year. He is also a Vezina trophy nominee and my pick to win that trophy.

Marry me, Henrik? Please?

Other than their goalies being super stars, these teams got to their conference finals by playing as a team. They’ve each had 3rd and 4th liners step up in a big way scoring OT goals, getting down to block shots, and making big game-changing hits. With the kind of team mentality that these four teams have, it’s hard to predict a winner.

I am going to anyways.

My Conference Finals predictions are:

Los Angeles wins over Phoenix in 7 games.

New York wins over New Jersey in 6.

What are your predictions?


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