International Day Against Homophobia

17 May

International Day Against HomophobiaHomophobia hurts everyone. Do your best to stand up for yourself and others today. Shout out to our fellow Canadia-bros Fondation Émergence who put this movement together.

Homophobia is an insidious process that channels its effects through subtle, usually transparent ways. No one is safe from hostile manifestations to homosexuality. Quite surprisingly, many homosexual individuals themselves adopt homophobic behaviour, hoping it would protect them against prejudice from their entourage. The International Day Against Homophobia aims to reach all groups of society, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Read more about the movement on their website.

Also, a big hello to new readers coming in from our post about the Bromo Cheat Code yesterday. Grab a seat and stay a while, beer’s in the fridge.


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