Getting Yourself Under Control

22 May

This post is for gaybros with penises. For those of you who don’t want to read about penises, why not check out our review of The Avengers.

Reddit has delivered a surefire way to get an unwanted erection under control. Why we weren’t all taught this back in sex ed is beyond me. If you’re plagued by the occasional (or common) unneeded boner, here’s the trick:

A man can get rid of an erection by flexing a large muscle for about 30 seconds or more, like both thighs. If you’re sitting, rest your feet on your toes and push off the ground as if you’re just about to stand up.

Redditors across the globe are reporting success. And while this author hasn’t had the opportunity to try the trick out (all of my boners are wanted – zing!), here are some examples of satisfied customers:

Havokk: can’t believed this worked…awkward thanks..

Pheon809: By the beard of Zeus! You have done a invaluable service to your fellow man.

sirborksalot: HOLY SHIT i have gone 32 years without knowing this trick

mjthroway: DEAR GOD SIR. You get the Nobel Prize for dickology. Thank you.

tconthepc3: I’m 24 years old, and this may be the best advice I’ve ever received.

And a modification:

roamingandy: i use the same technique during sex to last longer. make sure i’m in a position which a muscle/group of muscles have to work hard to maintain and then focus on the strain of that muscle to keep from getting too excited before i want to


Did it work for you?


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