GSAs OK: Liberals and NDP Pass Bill 13

5 Jun

Ontario high schools just got a little better for our teenagers. The revised Bill 13, which included language affirming the ability to use the term “Gay-Straight Alliance” has passed. From the CBC:

Ontario’s anti-bullying bill, also known as Bill 13 or the Accepting Schools Act, passed through the legislature just before noon today by a margin of 65-36. Only the Progressive Conservatives voted against the legislation.

Bill 13 Passed

Duhr, it only took two years but we did it guyz!

No surprise there. The PCs demonstrate again and again that supporting gender and sexual minorities is not a priority for them. The article goes on to state that they believe Dalton McGuinty is stirring the Catholic school funding debate, because he thinks that Ontarians don’t want to fund the Catholic school board anymore. Apparently they don’t know that he’s right:

The Forum Research survey also found more than half of Ontario residents — 53 per cent — oppose the public funding of Catholic schools. [Toronto Star]

From this blogger’s perspective, the PCs are drawing a cultural line in the sand, and they are on the wrong side. The funding of the religiously minded school system is a clear human rights violation, as the United Nations pointed out to us more than a decade ago. It’s time to use this momentum to ensure that all Ontarians are treated with respect under the law – and the Catholic school boards are only standing in the way.


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  1. Follow Monday « bromo t.o. - June 18, 2012

    […] This one’s not unique to Toronto but since the LGBT community here is so huge, a large portion of Queer Ontario’s tweets are Toronto-related. Plus, they’re currently making a tour of the province stopping in at major city’s pride weeks, and it’s always fun to see how the rest of the province shows its pride! Follow this account to stay up-to-date on any federal, provincial, and municipal politics that are happening surrounding the LGBT community and the fight for our rights. They recently stayed very close to the passing of Toby’s Law as well as Ontario’s Accepting Schools Act. […]

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