Festival on Bloor: The Highlights

10 Jun

If you were driving around Toronto this afternoon and got stuck in a traffic jam on Bloor street, it’s because this year’s Festival on Bloor was happening. Between Spadina and Bathurst streets, Bloor was completely closed down as the street was flooded with kiosks, buskers, music stages, and (of course) pedestrians who were taking it all in. Never heard of the Festival on Bloor? Well, here’s the brief run-down from the Bloor-Annex website:

Stroll by the booths and craft vendors on the street. Relax at the many patios, cafes and restaurants along the way. Visit our diverse shops that sell almost everything under the sun.”

And a better day couldn’t have been picked. With nearly 30 degree weather and clear blue skies, the lemonade was flying off the stand.


We caught one busker: the fireman! His show included juggling, balancing, and – yep, you guessed it – fire!!!! This very funny man did some amazing things with flames at the tips of his fingers. His jokes were family-friendly (well, most of them), and his audience was very impressed by his talent. Especially the kids.

Stop, drop, and fucking roll, man!

I have to say though, the best part of the festival was that the people of Toronto of all ages, backgrounds, shapes, and sizes, came out and enjoyed it together. This was Toronto at its finest.

The Festival on Bloor was a great Sunday afternoon activity and we’re looking forward to a Summer full of these activities! Will you join us for the rest?


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