Downtown Relief Line – A Karen Stintz powerplay?

11 Jun

The dust has barely settled after council canned Rob Ford’s new subway for light rail, and TTC Chair Karen Stintz is talking about new subways again. This time she wants a Downtown Relief Line to abet congestion on the University-Spadina line. Many think this should actually take priority over light rail to the suburbs, which is expected to bring even more passengers to the already super crowded line.

Karen Stintz looks like she is posturing for a bid at the mayorship, as Rob Ford has already sworn to make subways an election issue. If Stintz can put the transit dialogue focused on subways on DRL, Rob Ford’s campaign to re-re-re-vamp the light rail into the subways is much more likely to fall flat.

Red has always looked good on you, Toronto

I don’t know where Stintz thinks she can get the money for a new subway line that will likely take a decade to complete under the busy streets of Toronto (thanks, city council of decades gone by) but a focus on moving forward with a new subway project instead of setting back the city another five years over a grudge could give her an edge with Rob Ford’s tiring voter base. After scoring a slam dunk on Ford winning the hearts of the centre-left earlier this year, it looks like the Stintz for Mayor campaign might have a shot.


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