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Hot Sweaty Men With Big Muscles in Tight Costumes… ASSEMBLE!

16 May

A.K.A. The Avengers. But I personally think they should change their name to the above.

So I went to see The Avengers last week and – wait. I almost forgot. I have to stop here to say something. If you haven’t seen this film yet, then get off your lazy ass and go see it! Im about to spoil a million things (and by a million I mean one). So… spoiler alert.

The Avengers comes off the heels of five major superhero flicks in the last 4 years. It’s been a long time in the making and Marvel really only had one shot at it. They hired cult writer/director Joss Whedon to take the lead and assemble Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr., The Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo/Computers), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Captain America (Chris Evans), Hawk Eye (Jeremy Renner), and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) under the direction of the powerfully ambitious Nick Fury (Sammy Jay) to fight off the evil forces of Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Thor’s God brother from outer space.

And if you don’t think that’s far fetched enough, the premise is as follows:

Loki steals a magic cube so that he can harvest its energy to open up a portal to deep space and let evil alien creatures onto our planet to take over or something. The Avengers, Earth’s (ahem…America’s) mightiest superheroes must overcome their differences and learn to work together to save the world (ahem…New York City) from this evil.

I have to say, this film was very good. Robert Downey Jr. reprising his charismatic role as Tony Stark helped. So did seeing Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Jeremy Renner all oiled up and greasy. So did not seeing so much of Mark Ruffalo. Sorry Mark, but you look like the ugly step sister next to those bros.


“I use a bow ’cause nobody can handle these guns!”

The chemistry between the cast was excellent as they all brought to the table the essence of their characters and the respective films they starred in leading up to The Avengers. This is Whedon’s biggest accomplishment here: taking four distinctly different tones and mashing them together into one, while maintaining what was so special about each one within their respective characters.

On top of that, the film had fast, witty dialogue, lots of pop culture references, and it was really funny. Classic Whedon.


“Fill these hands with money ’cause my movie just made over 1 billion dollars, bitch!”

Despite the film’s charm and charisma, it did have a few weak points. I didn’t feel, for example, that the death of Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) was a strong enough turning point for the Avengers to finally get pissed off and work together as a team. I didn’t feel that much of an emotional attachment between any of the characters and Agent Coulson, so why were they so upset by that specific death? I’m sure dozens of other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents died during that battle. Even in the films leading up to The Avengers, Coulson was more of an antagonist than a friend to the heroes. So why were they so sick about his death? 

My other problem with the film was… NEED MORE HULK. Seriously, when Big Green was around, the film was at its funniest. That being said, “the other guy” (as Dr. Banner consistently calls him) really only shows up during major action sequences so to have more of him, story points and dialogue would have to be sacrificed. And these were really key to the film’s charm.



And of course, when you go to see this film, stay until the credits are over. It is a Marvel movie, after all. 

I look forward to the sequel, as well as this summer’s The Amazing Spiderman, because I hope that they will incorporate him into The Avengers 2.

Overall, I give The Avengers a 7/10. As far as superhero movies go though, I give it a 9/10 (come on, it’s no Dark Knight).

What did you think of the film? Who was your favorite character?

Possible X-Men Gay Wedding? Simply Marvel-ous!

20 Mar


Last week, we had a look at the thrilling young romance blooming in the Marvel Comics universe. It seems that Marvel is really on fire (flaming? flame on!) with the development of homo-relationships, as increasing speculation suggests this summer’s anticipated X-Men wedding will be between two guys! Hear that dudes? Stan Lee and co. think we are O-K bunch!

According to the good ol’ internet comic book rumour-mill, The Amazing X-Men #51 will feature the wedding of out-superhero Northstar to his partner, Kyle. Northstar is a French-Canadian superhero who first appeared in April, 1979 whose most notable abilities are flight and superspeed. Also, Northstar is known for being a world champion skier, a novelist, and a bit of a queen. Kyle, on the other hand, is more of a ‘normal-guy’ to give Northstar with a much-needed sense of grounding.

While these mutant marriages don’t have the greatest track-record for success (or survival), we wish only the best for Northstar and Kyle. Who knows? Maybe Kyle’s non-mutant status will in some way protect the happy couple from the melodramatic doom that typically befalls X-Men pairings! Only time will tell!

Plug for Colorado tourism?


Marvel Lets Hunky Heroes Show Some Love

14 Mar

While it’s true that homosexuality has existed in comic books for decades, only recently have mainstream publishers allowed their gay characters to truly be themselves. Gay superheroes have come along way since the 1960’s & 70’s when, because of the Comics Code Authority, homosexuality could only be expressed in subtext subtle enough to sneak past the censors.

A few months ago, Archie Comics made headlines by pencilling the wedding of their first gay character, Lieutenant Kevin Keller, to his man. Now it seems that Marvel comics is stepping up to the plate, and while Young Avengers Teddy & Billy (Hulkling and Wiccan, originated as sidekicks of the Hulk and Thor, respectively) aren’t heading straight to the altar just yet, they are finally getting to share a long-awaited and well-deserved kiss!

How Bromantic!

We salute you, Marvel Comics, for your dramatic (end extremely hunky) contribution to the march of progress for Bromos and Gaynerds everywhere! Who will be the next mainstream publisher to come up with an LGBT next-gen superhero? We’re looking at you DC, it’s about time you draw a Robin who comes out of the Bat-closet!