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Mayor Ford Skips Pride Flag Event

26 Jun

This is just getting redundant. I feel like we’ve posted this exact same thing at least 3 times.

“Sorry guys – My dog ate my agenda!”

In old news, yesterday Mayor Rob Ford did not grace us with his presence at the raising of the Pride Flag that marked the start of Pride Week.

On a lighter note, Happy Pride Week! What are you getting up to this week?


Plastic Bag Council Switcheroo

7 Jun

Rob Ford

WTF? [West Annex News/CC BY 2.0]

And lo, council shows its disdain for Mayor Ford again.

Yesterday in a decision shocking to Torontonians across the political spectrum, our city banned plastic bags. What was supposed to be a Ford victory fighting for the hard done by Big Retail of Toronto, allowing for the laissez faire use of disposable plastic bags, resulted in an complete 180: they’re banned.

Ford promised during the election that the 5 cent charge imposed on retails would be abolished, a symbol of his fight for the little guy. Instead, a councillor from his own cohort decided mid-meeting that he would suggest a full out ban.

“Just get rid of the damn bags!”

– David Shiner

I can only imagine the unrestrained joy those to the left of the aisle felt when this opportunity presented itself. Today we will see how the rest of Toronto reacts.

Cat Litter

The humanity!