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The Best Gay Travel Information We’ve Seen

8 Mar

There is a lot of garbage out there for GSM travellers, and most of it is wrapped up in fancy and sometimes subtle marketing (we’re looking at you Xtra) to get your pink dollars. This guide isn’t that different. It has been put together by Spartacus World, which bills itself as “The Home to International Gay Travelers.”

However, this index provides some clarity to the advertising mumbo-jumbo. By scoring countries across 14 human rights markers, from anti-discrimination laws to murder, the ranked format makes surveying travel options simple.

The countries are colour coded with dark green being the most liberal and gay-friendly countries down to red for the most dangerous countries for homosexuals to visit and live in.

The guide is straight forward and easy to read. See the full version here.

Listing of countries for gay travel.

Click for complete listing.